19 June 2009

And on the Malin Head...

It's odd enough to think that I'm at an age (and in a certain age group) in which I can state that this is my newest online writing venture. I am, of course, someone who used to have his own website, back when it was actually a bit difficult to run one. Thereafter, everyone migrated to Livejournal and soon people stopped writing and instead moved onto social media.

This reminds me of a great conversation I had with Dan when he visited Portland a couple of months ago. Dan is someone I've known for years, having met him through Livejournal. We both lamented its death and with it, the death of people who used to write about actual things happening to them, along with how those things made them felt. Perhaps I'm saying it all wrong in a poor attempt to add flowery prose to this but what we meant was that people have shifted away from actually saying anything about themselves and their lives and instead, they're now writing with alarming frequency about the most asinine things in their lives. Am I guilty of this too? Of course. It is, after all, easier to hide behind something in which you complain about the last fast food meal you partook in as opposed to mentioning that you're depressed because you're utterly directionless in life.

In our conversation, I brought up the point that even with blogs, a lot of things seem to have the focus of making money. That these outlets for our thoughts are ultimately "monetized". Of course, I look at the top of the page I'm writing this on and there's a tab at the top that says "Monetize".

I can't promise exactly what type of writing I'll do here and I don't imagine it'll ever match the frankness of the writing I did in my early twenties, but I do promise that it'll be better than endless Facebook updates. I leave you, for now, with the song that the title and URL of this blog reference, Blur's greatest ever song*, "This is a Low"


* - Besides perhaps "Young and Lovely", but I can never really decide.

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